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I figured you guys like these thong videos so much that i’d post yet another one, Vol 10 – “Booty and the BEACH”.

This video starts off with a hot brunette in a one piece bathing suit, and gold pom-poms dancing around on the beach. I don’t believe she is wearing a traditional thong but it turns into one the way she has it pulled straight up her crack. Also in the video you will see some dancing beach girls, a girl wearing some pasties to cover them nipples of hers, as well as the typical load of beach douchebags. Hell, it’s pretty much a sausage party if it isn’t for the few girls on this video, which make this day at the beach “bare-a-ble”.

And now ladies and gentlemen…your Feature Presentation….

Mama there some buns in todays thong pics. All these ripe butts are all photographed close up, and showing how to deep floss those body gums. hahaha. Like the first bar star chick who’s dancing her thong off, guessing by her and her friend’s outfits, there doesn’t even need to be a song playing for that to happen. The next thong pics have a good dose of white thong girls showing off in their living room, a woman showing off her pink gstring whether squatting or in bed, and throw in a couple of black thong pics. The girlfriends action where the two girls are showing how their black thongs and tattoos match up is a combo I’d like to order, with a shake on the side.

Then we got some juicy, sweaty butt girl pics. White thongs seem to highlight the shine of the sweat, or hell maybe it’s lotion, rubbed all over the girls hump. After the white thong pics are a series of photos all from the same woman, who is so proud of how her back end looks in different colored gstrings. We appreciate your commitment young lady, and hope to see more of you on PlanetThongs.

I know i’ve been mentioning a new post about celebrity thongs, but next time I promise thats what it’ll be worth the wait ;)

Mar 31/10 – Another month in the dust

by kendrathongs - Mar 31 2010

Well, it has been a great month of thongs this month, and lets not forget what we got up here tonight. Something remarkable. The thongs coming up next month have some of the best yet to be hosted on the site, as well a new video will be coming out.

Enjoy yourselves, just not too much