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The teen girls of this week just can’t keep their damn pants up, and you know what it means when that happens…the thongs come out. We have teens with their thongs out at the park, at a sporting event, in school, in a bar. While all this is going on, we have fans, and their cameras, ready for the action.

Blizzards rolling around soon, and yet somewhere….deep in the nether loins of today’s modern woman….lies a tight tight uber uber choing choing thong. You know what a choing choing thong is? It’s when its hanging out….of a skirt or something like it, and it has a WEEEEEE BIT of slag in it, thats in some odd way inviting to tug/snap/pluck that thong like its the theme song to PULP FICTION. Basically any kind of thong scenario that just begs for a PLUCKING….THAT is a choing choing thong, or a choinger or a…..

Anyhow, we got more beach teen thong’d geniuses for you all to learn some things from. Take note of all the “smiles” showing in every which direction. We also got a black gstring thong that has a bit of choing to it…just from the bracket holding the cloth together.

You’ll know it when you see it

y’ar she be

p.s. i know i promised a video, but had a minor snag…next update will be a video, with bounce for days

Nov 11/10 – November to REMEMBER

by kendrathongs - Nov 11 2010

It’s that time of year…where it’s rare to catch some bum floss unless your near the equator. Don’t worry my friends, we will make it through the winter. I have a large batch of teens waiting to show of their thongs…and warm you up, like a shot of Fireball after a couple hours of shovelling snow.

Here is a little taste of what there is to be had. Good lord do we need a new video, and I think I have just the g string’d gall for it…expect it by the next post..