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A couple of black gstring micro thongs to kick off the daily thong today. The first girl is wearing her gstring thong while doing dishes. Second we have a topless stripper giving a house party lap dance with her black dental floss thong. Then once again these blondes cant shed the black thongs, and this one is on a bed, about to take off her bra. The fourth thong pic today is a bunch of women at a bikini contest, and lets just say…thongs ladies and gentlemen…..bikini thong party. Then a first for the and that is some full out CAMPER THONG…this woman’s getting something from in the tent…and…well you know what joke i’ll be saying next.

Blondes and black thongs just seem to always go together, as shown in the first thong pic. Then we have the pink thong Cowgirl, pushing her rear even closer to the lens. There is the triple teen thong salute all wearing jeans, all wearing thongs. Fourth thong pic has a bikini thong beach babe showing off….well…you can guess what. Then finally the final pic for the thongs of the day today…as the saying goes…blonde hair…blue thong…beautiful….and TOIGHT!

The girls in their thongs today, express for love of the underwear type of thong. There is the woman in her light pink panty thong, showing off her high thigh. The purple thong on a teen, in a park, on the grass, and probably an ant hill. The red thong and matching tank top, i’m guessing her red pants and socks are just out of view in this picture. We also have a woman wearing some nasty high top thong, blood red, and just odd. Final thong today is Teen thong standing in the closet…wearing her thong in the closet….standing with someone taking pictures of her wearing her thong in the closet……and I pull out my GUN!