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There are just SOO many thong pictures to be had. It’s time to share with the world, and stop being so damn selfish.

How can I hold back some amazing picture of a very round bum beauty in her pink top and black g string in the kitchen. That’s my kind of chef.

My chef isn’t the only one who’s sporting the black thongs though. Seems like everyone has one of them in their drawer. I posted a bikini style one, a self shot one, and a girl in her bikini and matching bra in her hotel room, ready to dirty up the sheets…just a tiny bit.

I posted up quite a few other gems that words cannot even describe…put it to you this way, they bring me to tears…not of sadness or joy….but like a fresh cut onion…because you can almost smell whats rockin these thongs…catch a whiff.

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Yes it has been a while since a new video has gone up, and yes the time has come to make up for all of that. It’s a little video of what everyone ones to launch their face into time, and time again…and thats a hot juicy bikini thong.

This video shows an amazing lady (physique and all), wearing a very seductive two piece bathing suit. Our camera in the sky gets all the action on tape while she decides to tan during a gorgeous sunny day.

This should remind all of you, that now that it is July, get out to a body of water and check out some live action thongs. It is this kind stuff that you are missing out….or….if you can’t make it out anywhere worth while, or your coming up short for any good lookers in your proximity, be sure to come back to your home…right here…at, where we will always have the tight ones ready.

Alright now, Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians, and enjoy the Video.

Vol 4 – Thong from Above

thong carLast post was on April 10th, and lets just say, i’m getting the itch…..What we will be doing instead of the daily thong pic updates is a new batch of thongs a week, with more then the typical 5 pics…as well there will be more ranting. In this time I’ve been out of the loop, there’s been people blowing vuvulezalaleylalazu’s, messed up weather, and people putting thongs on their cars. Now that i’m back in it, the posts will get to be more consistent once I get some other things on the roll. Well…top up…here is to a new thong-a-palooza.

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