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The thong party is starting to chug along, slowly but surely, we will get the machine running at a more consistent pace. What does that mean for you? Well, if you appreciate the fine figures of a lady, and the thin pieces of cloth either covering, or not so much covering these said curves, then lots more is in store.

Today’s dosage has a good amount of girls in the park. You all know the scenario…nice day out..a girl is thinking of going out to the park to enjoy the weather (while it’s nice) and they’ll be laid out on the grass, relaxing…with our good friend..a THONG. There are plenty of other everyday scenarios featured in today’s thong pics but a good chunk of them are ladies out in the park. So enjoy it…and reminisce about when you last spotted these angles while out and about.

pthongsceleb_serenawilliams0039 The return, of Serena Williams. The woman who makes ANY and EVERY bathing suit bottom into a thong (and yes in a good way). She’s not afraid to show it off, and this picture to the left is one she posted on her twitter. Yes we approve. She didn’t leave the picture up on there for long, but you know. Serena and I go way back, so ya, I was able to get hooked up with the picture. Got new pictures of Serena Williams in her various bathing suits…some thongs, some not, but honest to god you won’t be able to tell the difference with that bubble butt. Careful though folks, one of us fans took it a bit too far and is now considered a Serena Williams stalker, lets just appreciate the beauty of beach, off our computer screens (and any time we see a couple of decent hams in the meat aisle….*squeeze,squeeze*).

Enjoy the pics, and don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter @planetthongs

Big BIG thanks to the fine girl in the first few pics today showing off her thong in an ever so luxurious pink short skirt, with some leggings held up with straps, and the ever so WOW WA WEE WA thong she’s got too. Although with a skinny thong like that, makes me wonder if its just drawn on with a pen.

The couple peeks we get this week from a college girl’s thong gives off the impression that red may be her favorite color (soon to be mine too). Next picture is a girl with see through thong (ya I know its not a thong, but her cheeks hang out so well it may as well be, followed by another young lady sporting off the front and back view of the thong she bought, why? well, she’s a fan, and appreciates other thong fans out there. This girl is so giving that she got a white thong too, and did the front and back model just the same. NICE

Final row of gstring enjoyment has a couple of “peek a boo” thongs and one close up thong butt shot that could cure world hunger.

Don’t be afraid to comment on the pics below either, I know i’m not the only one who’s got something to say about these fine pics, so have at it.