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Mama there some buns in todays thong pics. All these ripe butts are all photographed close up, and showing how to deep floss those body gums. hahaha. Like the first bar star chick who’s dancing her thong off, guessing by her and her friend’s outfits, there doesn’t even need to be a song playing for that to happen. The next thong pics have a good dose of white thong girls showing off in their living room, a woman showing off her pink gstring whether squatting or in bed, and throw in a couple of black thong pics. The girlfriends action where the two girls are showing how their black thongs and tattoos match up is a combo I’d like to order, with a shake on the side.

Then we got some juicy, sweaty butt girl pics. White thongs seem to highlight the shine of the sweat, or hell maybe it’s lotion, rubbed all over the girls hump. After the white thong pics are a series of photos all from the same woman, who is so proud of how her back end looks in different colored gstrings. We appreciate your commitment young lady, and hope to see more of you on PlanetThongs.

I know i’ve been mentioning a new post about celebrity thongs, but next time I promise thats what it’ll be worth the wait ;)

More than our share of handfuls this week. Good variety of thongs this week, from many close ups, more beach bikini thongs, and yes some double thong college girls. Now on to the play by play.

pthongs0411_0144 First thong picture is a thong girl on a bed, which if you give it a little closer look, you may see a little bit of fringe left on the fairway. Next photo is a bit of a wider style lace thong, giving a little bit of toe. Other highlights of this row, are the couple of ladies with a nice handful of butt on the beach. One of the thong ladies is pounding a 2 litre of beer, my kind of lady. Last pic of gstring in the first row is of what I can tell to be a stripper, she is wearing the dental floss today and lets just say she’s cleaning the gums really well.

Second row starts off with a blonde girl with her black corset and matching thong, she appears to be at home and it makes it all the more personal. Following that is a tight bent over thong chick on the beach, head almost in the water. Third picture is a punky chick in a thong….correction…TOPLESS punky chick in a thong, which is a combo that can never go wrong. Last two thong pictures are the double thong college girls (wow these girls are hot), and to end the row a blue thong girl, bent over the couch.

Third row of pictures is a great mix of…close ups with some hair hanging out of the thong, upskirt thong, double trouble college beach girls thong, purple and white thongs.

Thats all I got everyone, later…

June 9/11 – Shining sun, and show that BUM!

by kendrathongs - Jun 09 2011

Holy holy, these thong bums today will grab you by the wooly’s. Lots of light shining on this week’s hot buttox selection. Whether it be some girls out in the sun, getting their thong tan lines worked in good, or some heavy camera flash while their thong is flashed.

pthongs0411_0124 The second thong picture on the top row has a bent over lady about to get a spanking (might be self-inflicted, can’t tell). Third thong pic, same row, has some attitude as she walks way, even though her butt cheeks are hanging, white thong is flapping, and sand stuck to her bum. Other good mentions in this row are the topless college dorm chicks with their thongs out, holding onto each other (notice the perv watching it all with the door open). Finally, how about the black thong right on the kitchen table.

Second row of thong pics, first thong picture has a yellow thong with a playboy bunny tan tattoo (nice) but one thing I can’t quite figure out is if this chick just got a spank? or if she is bending over so hard she’s losing circulation in her hams…Other notables in this row are the three girls outdoors, possibly camping, showing that there truly are thongs out in the wild.

Third row thong pics, first photo, the leopard print thong, with a whole lot of cheek hanging down (leopard print always gets a mention here). The yellow gstring sun tanning hottie, browning up that bottom. Finally, I’d like to point out that self shot girl who has some really nice legs.

Now even though I didn’t mention them all, you may find some others this week that suit your fancy more then they did me…comment which ones below

Have another good week,

Today’s Favorites:
- Double college girl thong (with perv in doorway)
- Three wild thong girls… in the wild
- Self shot black thong