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A couple of new angles on this weeks thong time. Starting off with a shot of one of my favorite ladies to contribute to us, the lady with the juicy lotion butt. There is another shot of her in the second row of thong pics and you sure don’t see me complaining.

The next true feature is from a lovely girl who had friend take some sexy shots of her in some lingerie, out on a balcony. Not only is the lingerie hot, but the girl it’s on is hot as hell too. Her body is something to gawk at, and only accentuated by some fancy lingerie thong. Then our thong babe even got some bent over shots in the woods.

The rest of the thong pics today are more bar and party girls getting drunk and showing off their thongs. Lots to grab hold of, and I can almost imagine the whip like crack sound when snapping their thongs against their tight buns.

Favorite thongs this week:
-Return once again of the Juicy lotion/sweaty thong bum
-Balcony lingerie thong girl
-Two girls showing their thong, and one about to spank the other…NICE!

May 6/11 – Teen Thongs in the Woods!

by kendrathongs - May 06 2011

You damn right we got some thong pics of a teen sporting her black thong, while hanging out in the woods at night. Lets hope she can run fast for when some fapping hockey masked bandit starts chasing her through the bushes.

The rest of todays thong platter has not a whole lot of faces showing…tell you that much. Just a bunch of thong pictures wheres its all business, just strictly butts, bent over, beauties. With a good variety of in bed shots of hot bodied teens showing whats separating their cheeks, mixed with a decent selection of beach bikini thong shots (as well as a few other random scenario thongs).

Today’s favorites:

  • Thong teen in the woods (first two pics)
  • Red/Purplish colored thong laying in bed (pic 3)
  • Pants about to be pulled up over thong…just cuz you know that bum is gunna bounce once the pants are hiked over the butt (14th pic)

  • Tell which pics are your favorites in the comments below the thong pile!

    Big BIG thanks to the fine girl in the first few pics today showing off her thong in an ever so luxurious pink short skirt, with some leggings held up with straps, and the ever so WOW WA WEE WA thong she’s got too. Although with a skinny thong like that, makes me wonder if its just drawn on with a pen.

    The couple peeks we get this week from a college girl’s thong gives off the impression that red may be her favorite color (soon to be mine too). Next picture is a girl with see through thong (ya I know its not a thong, but her cheeks hang out so well it may as well be, followed by another young lady sporting off the front and back view of the thong she bought, why? well, she’s a fan, and appreciates other thong fans out there. This girl is so giving that she got a white thong too, and did the front and back model just the same. NICE

    Final row of gstring enjoyment has a couple of “peek a boo” thongs and one close up thong butt shot that could cure world hunger.

    Don’t be afraid to comment on the pics below either, I know i’m not the only one who’s got something to say about these fine pics, so have at it.