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Ya I know you were all hurting for an update, just took a little summer breather. So anyhow, lets pick up where I left off.

First row of thong pics starts off with some of this week’s theme…thong party. Two fine ladies showing off what’s separating the cheeks in some bar…hopefully they got some drinks for that. Next…I will tell you right now, this is my absolute favorite of the last little while, a girl showing off her rainbow thong in the bathroom. I believe she may be a punkish chick with the star tattoos on her thighs, rainbow thong, I dunno, wish I had a front shot but can’t find it. The high resolution makes up for it though. Third pick is a very thin purple gstring where the girl is tugging down the thong just a wee bit (also take note…she is topless). Then we finish off the row with a very juicy beach thong (also topless), and a pink and white polka dot thong.

Second row on today’s thong buffet is another bar star with the pants down and thong out, high five for that. Next few shots are of the same girl in different angles so everyone can take in the beauty of her hams, wrapped in black and pink thong. Third picture is a bent over beach girl, with her green thong on, seems rare to see a green thong. But snagging a beach shot like this takes some good practice, have to have almost a sixth sense for the timing…it’s all timing. Then to end off this thong row is a lady pulling down her pants to confirm her top in fact does match her sheer pink thong. This may be taking place in a strip joint as well…bonus for that.

Final thong pic row gets the thong party going by showing a bunch of varieties of lady gitch, pink thongs, white, cream color, some lace trim on the thong…also pay attention to the one girl who appears to have gotten a few ripe spankings in her thong before this photo was taken…bad bad girl. Second pic is a couple hot bar mamas. These drunk girls are posing for the camera and pulling up their skirts so that the camera can take in all the upskirt possible. Third is a topless chick with her lace blue thong on, about to get dressed…dorm room days are gone, but was nice being able to walk into a couple of these scenarios myself ;) . Then to end off this week’s pics is a beer drinking black thong girl pulling her pants down on the sidewalk, and lastly, another beach thong mama, taking in the rays.

Enjoy the pictures, and if anyone has any to submit, please send them my way at . We’ll do a little feature on you, and i’m sure all the thousands that show up here a month wouldn’t mind either.

Life is good these days when you got fine ladies like these walking the beach. This thong video contains footage of some amazing tight bodied beauties, as they try working on their tan. Poor girls…all the trouble it causes when you get some hot sand in your thong and then to shake that out, or who knows, maybe that itch feels good to some.

Enjoy the video but also don’t forget to check the YouTube channel (link is on the left). This is our eighth video already.

More than our share of handfuls this week. Good variety of thongs this week, from many close ups, more beach bikini thongs, and yes some double thong college girls. Now on to the play by play.

pthongs0411_0144 First thong picture is a thong girl on a bed, which if you give it a little closer look, you may see a little bit of fringe left on the fairway. Next photo is a bit of a wider style lace thong, giving a little bit of toe. Other highlights of this row, are the couple of ladies with a nice handful of butt on the beach. One of the thong ladies is pounding a 2 litre of beer, my kind of lady. Last pic of gstring in the first row is of what I can tell to be a stripper, she is wearing the dental floss today and lets just say she’s cleaning the gums really well.

Second row starts off with a blonde girl with her black corset and matching thong, she appears to be at home and it makes it all the more personal. Following that is a tight bent over thong chick on the beach, head almost in the water. Third picture is a punky chick in a thong….correction…TOPLESS punky chick in a thong, which is a combo that can never go wrong. Last two thong pictures are the double thong college girls (wow these girls are hot), and to end the row a blue thong girl, bent over the couch.

Third row of pictures is a great mix of…close ups with some hair hanging out of the thong, upskirt thong, double trouble college beach girls thong, purple and white thongs.

Thats all I got everyone, later…