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Feb 8/10 – Keep your thongs…nice and skimpy

by kendrathongs - Feb 08 2010

Got a nice selection of skimpy thongs starting with a black g string while it’s owner is on the phone. The next three thong pics are of college ladies on campus. Then the final thong in todays thong daily is a woman and her yellow thong…just barely hanging out..not sure if she even knows it’s showing or not.

Feb 07/10 – Girls in Bikini Thongs

by kendrathongs - Feb 07 2010

Many pictures of bikini thongs today. With girls laying on the beach in their skimpy thongs, or posing with their gstring hiked up so high…that I even feel their pain. I gotta take a vacation……somewhere thong friendly…but my back yard will do

Thong of the day for for today has a great selection of girls in thongs. A couple of them are posing in their bikini thongs. Some in their lingerie. Soon enough we’ll have some thong pics of a very famous and sought after celebrity thong pics. Soon enough my friends…..soon enough