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pthongsceleb_serenawilliams0039 The return, of Serena Williams. The woman who makes ANY and EVERY bathing suit bottom into a thong (and yes in a good way). She’s not afraid to show it off, and this picture to the left is one she posted on her twitter. Yes we approve. She didn’t leave the picture up on there for long, but you know. Serena and I go way back, so ya, I was able to get hooked up with the picture. Got new pictures of Serena Williams in her various bathing suits…some thongs, some not, but honest to god you won’t be able to tell the difference with that bubble butt. Careful though folks, one of us fans took it a bit too far and is now considered a Serena Williams stalker, lets just appreciate the beauty of beach, off our computer screens (and any time we see a couple of decent hams in the meat aisle….*squeeze,squeeze*).

Enjoy the pics, and don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter @planetthongs

Beyonce Knowles Thong Pics

Posted in Celebrity Thongs by kendrathongs - Jul 19 2010

We are very happy to introduce our new feature for, which of course is the very popular Beyonce.

Beyonce has one hell of a shape, and we feel she deserves a spot on PlanetThongs. The Beyonce Thong page, which you are now viewing, contains ONLY THE BEST Beyonce Thong Pics we could find. Mixed with with some near nip slips, and camel toe shots. Most of the photos are while in her beach bikini, or while performing with her thong and parts hanging out.

And now….time to get it on…….with your

Beyonce Thong

Also do not forget the quicklink back to here at:

Serena Williams Thong Pics

Posted in Celebrity Thongs by kendrathongs - Jul 17 2010

Yes my friends the time has come, to post the thong pics of sexy tennis star Serena Williams. She is not afraid to wear some revealing bikinis while on the beach, or on the tennis court. The Williams sisters are both American icons who have some amazing features to show off! Also note the photo where Serena forgot to wear any thongs at all. A little bit of celebrity upskirt photos….of some of the sexiest women in sports, helps make the world go ’round.

So let me present to you, Serena Williams, the celebrity sports star, in thongs, and a little more…and a little less :)