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I figured you guys like these thong videos so much that i’d post yet another one, Vol 10 – “Booty and the BEACH”.

This video starts off with a hot brunette in a one piece bathing suit, and gold pom-poms dancing around on the beach. I don’t believe she is wearing a traditional thong but it turns into one the way she has it pulled straight up her crack. Also in the video you will see some dancing beach girls, a girl wearing some pasties to cover them nipples of hers, as well as the typical load of beach douchebags. Hell, it’s pretty much a sausage party if it isn’t for the few girls on this video, which make this day at the beach “bare-a-ble”.

And now ladies and gentlemen…your Feature Presentation….

Happy Halloween to everybody, I know lots of you out there saw a lot of sexy and exposing costumes so make sure you send them my way so I can feature them on the site. Don’t worry either, I will give you the credit for it as well, and a sneak peek at the next video! Make sure you send any pictures to

I released the video on youtube a few days ago and just forgot about updating the site telling you all about it. But any of you turkeys who are TRUE FANS and subscribed to us on Youtube already knew that, and we’re all the wiser.

The video is off some beach where maybe some sort of photoshoot is about to take place. With a bunch of girls wearing corsets and sailor hats with bikini bottoms. Surrounding the ladies are a flock of douche-bags that just settled in after a long day in the tanning bed listening to Ricky Martin. Then the video turns abruptly for the better, when a blondie bystander walks up to see all the commotion in a thong that i swear is just the waist-band, since I can’t see the “under-string”. She plucks it a bit, plays a quick tune, and well, watch the video…you will know what i’m talking about.

Don’t be afraid to comment on it either, I know I can’t be the only one who has so much to say about it all.

A couple of new angles on this weeks thong time. Starting off with a shot of one of my favorite ladies to contribute to us, the lady with the juicy lotion butt. There is another shot of her in the second row of thong pics and you sure don’t see me complaining.

The next true feature is from a lovely girl who had friend take some sexy shots of her in some lingerie, out on a balcony. Not only is the lingerie hot, but the girl it’s on is hot as hell too. Her body is something to gawk at, and only accentuated by some fancy lingerie thong. Then our thong babe even got some bent over shots in the woods.

The rest of the thong pics today are more bar and party girls getting drunk and showing off their thongs. Lots to grab hold of, and I can almost imagine the whip like crack sound when snapping their thongs against their tight buns.

Favorite thongs this week:
-Return once again of the Juicy lotion/sweaty thong bum
-Balcony lingerie thong girl
-Two girls showing their thong, and one about to spank the other…NICE!